Dice Game

Opposite bets on the winning bid is "Don't Pass Bar", also known as "does not go." It is set in the corresponding field. Profit at this rate is paid if falls 3 or 12. You lose if the roll is 7 or 11, and returns to the player if the roll is 2. Other values, as in the first case, become paragraph. Bid to win if 7 is thrown before the point. Bids "does not pass," which did not play, can be reduced or removed, but they can not raise. Payment at the rate of - 1 to 1.

The next bet - a bet on a match Come - set on the field COME. Its rules are the same as the rules and bet to win. Bid is won if the next roll is 7 or 11, and loses a roll of 2,3 or 12. As for the other rooms, they become a match point, and the rate is translated into the appropriate field. If the item falls before 7, the rate paid in the ratio 50-50. Rate can not be subjected to change, and played a bet, only after dropping 7 or paragraph match. Opposite to it is a bet on a mismatch, or rate Don't come.

Contrary to popular belief, the player can affect to some extent if not in the game, then its profitability. According to experts, the lowest casino advantage gives bid Don't Pass - the superiority of the casino is it only about 1.36%. This rate is assumed by many the best solution when playing craps.

Making this bet, the player puts not only against the shooter, but also against most other players, which makes it somewhat more difficult in the usual casino. However, under conditions of anonymity online casino player can use it without fear cause disapproval from other players.

Strategy dice for money will depend largely on what to expect from the game player. If his goal - to get as much as possible from the game more fun, it makes sense to make small-sized multiple rates, for example, the Pass Line bet or Don't Pass.

Since the casino's advantage in these rates is minimal, the game will last a long time. If the goal is a significant gain, the best bet at great risk, but also with the big win, for example, doubles rates "any seven" bet or additional odds.

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