Playing Online Baccarat Game

Baccarat - the famous card game aristocrats, one of the most popular casino games in the world. With special warmth adopted in Asian countries. Although baccarat has long lost its status as an elite game for the elite, it is still love to play for the highest stakes - in a tribute to tradition. In addition, baccarat game is considered advantageous, because it places the advantage is 1%. But more on that later.

In the meantime, remember how baccarat reached our days. In general, the game this is very old. Know where and how it appeared, but it is about 14-15 century - Middle Ages. Then, in the course of divination were different, so initially baccarat used tarot cards. The whole essence of the purpose of the game - to score 9 points or a number close to the nines. And it's a great way to find out the fate of man: scored 9 points - you be the king; scored 5-6 - doomed to perpetual slavery, or worse - head from his shoulders. This, of course, all of the fancy, but it was something like this. Naturally, now no one can say it was all actually.

But it is known that in 1490, the year Baccarat moved to France. There she is growing, attracting more and more attention in the higher strata of society. She then travels to England and South Africa, later settling in the U.S. safely. Around the end of the 1850s baccarat first appears in the casinos of Las Vegas.

Originally baccarat played against each other, dealers were not (in fact, the casino also will not appear immediately.) But in today's world there is a phenomenon called mini-baccarat - the original version of the game with some simplifications.

In baccarat have the opportunity to make three different rates: the player, on the bank (dealer) and draw . Then the dealer deals himself two cards and the player. Scoring occurs in some cases, additional sounds, the third card. In online casinos always practiced mini-baccarat and the third card rule is automated - the dealer does everything himself. The player does not have to touch the cards.

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