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There are two varieties of Blackjack (black jack) - play with one and multiple decks. When the game is played with multiple decks, all the players' cards are dealt face up, that is laid on the table face up, and by the rules of casino blackjack players do not have the right to touch them with your hands. In games with one or two decks of cards players are dealt face down and players take their hands.

In addition, getting the first two cards, the player can double his bet - this is called a double down. Doing double down, the player establishes additional playing chips next to his previously established rate and the dealer gives him only one additional card. If the player's first two cards are of equal rank, then they can be separated into two hands - split, and play individually. In this case, the player must also doubling the initial bet.

Received at the beginning of the game blackjack (blackjack) the first two cards, the player can immediately abandon its continuation. Such a waiver from the game called serenade. Serenade doing, the player loses only half of his initial bet. If the player has at least one additional card, it can not do a double down, split or serenade and must either continue the game - hit or complete set of cards - stand.

When at one online table blackjack (black jack) play a few players, you hear the first two cards to each dealer plays first (sitting on his left arm) player - gives him a card as long as he did not give up a set of cards or does not happen too much. Then the dealer deals cards to the next player, etc.

Distributing all the cards to the players, the dealer deals cards to himself more. After the dealer has finished his set of cards, his cards are compared with maps of players. The player wins if the total value of his cards is greater than the total value of the dealer's cards. Payout is 1 to 1. The player loses if the total value of his cards is less than the total value of the dealer's cards. If, while the amount of cards a player scored more than 21, it is overkill (bats or a lot) and automatically loses, even if the dealer will bust.

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