Roulette - one of the most popular and respected in the world of gambling, which has a long history. Few people know that the first varieties of roulette was invented in the XVII century. Of course, that tape was markedly different from the modern game, but it had begun. Then the tape was very popular, however, as it is now. The new game is played in and other countries. Roulette real boom occurred in the XIX century, when it appeared in the U.S. gambling establishments. No roulette was impossible to imagine any reputable casino.

An important milestone in the history of game development is the emergence of online casinos. With the development of casinos operating in a network, many have found a second life casino games including roulette. Live Roulette for money became almost the first game, which was available for visitors to the online casino. And already around it to create full game rooms with countless slots, blackjack and other games.

Roulette - the face of each casino. If the institution is serious, then it must be luxurious tables with this game. It is here that often frustrated the largest amounts, many places put jackpot roulette and he comes up to several millions, or even tens of millions of dollars.

There are many variations of roulette. Almost all of them are represented in major internet casinos. For example, online roulette for real money. The difference lies in the playing field. In the version of the present sector 00, which is not. An additional sector lowers the chances of winning player, you need to consider when choosing a variety of roulette.

This is the best option for many people who love to play roulette. The fact that in the French roulette player is given the biggest advantage. As a roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors, which are distributed numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 (zero). But even if he rolls 0 (Zero), the players bet on him to give equal chances to the casino and comforting amount of half of the original bet. Not all online casinos offer Roulette, because it brings them much less profit. But where there is this kind of roulette, you can always meet a lot of players.

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